Health, Safety & Environment

Committed to Our Workers' Safety

Health and Safety Policy

The management of Royal Well Servicing declares and commits to the prevention of injury and ill health of our workers and our guiding principles which include that health and safety shall never be compromised for our workers.

The following points summarize our corporate overall health and safety goals:

  • Royal Well Servicing management declares a commitment to health and safety.
  • Royal Well Servicing shall comply with applicable government regulations.
  • Royal Well Servicing shall comply with our own health and safety standards.
  • To have a healthy and safe place to work composed of individuals who choose to make safe decisions, follow requirements and contribute to the process of health and safety.
  • Our documented safety management system shall form the basis for all operations undertaken by Royal Well Servicing.
  • Royal Well Servicing will provide appropriate training in use of equipment, safe work practices and procedures and handling of hazardous materials.

Our overall health and safety objectives are:

  1. Workers at all levels are responsible and accountable for Royal Well Servicing health and safety. Active participation by everyone, every day, and in every job, is necessary for health and safety excellence and is the expectation at Royal Well Servicing for every work site.
  2. All management, workers, subcontractors and visitors shall promptly report all work related near misses, injuries, diseases, incidents, unsafe acts and conditions and actively participate in our health and safety process and attend all required health and safety training.
  3. Everyone shall follow safety rules, safe work policies and procedures and cooperate with Royal Well Servicing in working towards improved safety.
  4. All managers will accept direct responsibility and accountability for all matters relating to health and safety for the workers and/or subcontractors they supervise directly and/or indirectly.
  5. All supervisors and managers will deal promptly with worker and contractor health and safety concerns and will advise workers and/or subcontractors of actual and potential hazards that are known by the manager or supervisor.
  6. All supervisors, managers and subcontractors will review any incident investigation and facilitate the corresponding corrective action plan.
  7. All supervisors, managers and subcontractors will implement and enforce health and safety rules, regulations, policies, procedures and prescribed instructions in a fair and consistent manner.
  8. Workers will be involved in writing or revising our health and safety policy.
  9. We will ensure this policy is communicated to all workers and/or subcontractors under our control. This policy is to be posted on all Royal Well Servicing bulletin boards, reception areas, included in worker handbooks and discussed during new worker orientation.

Environmental Policy

Royal Well Servicing recognizes that environmental concerns are of critical importance. Royal Well Servicing encourages its workers to join with the company in full acceptance of and compliance with this policy. We will create procedures that fully comply with federal, state and local regulations. We will provide adequate training to our workers to ensure our workers are aware of these procedures and are capable of following them.

Protection of the Environment

We will employ practical measures to protect the environment. We will conserve and protect the water, air, and land resources we use. We will strive to eliminate any releases to land, air or water that may harm human health or the environment. Continuous improvement in our environmental performance will be a principal objective.

Waste Management Policy Statement

We will work to prevent waste and pollution at the source whenever possible. New facilities and improvements of existing operations will use processes designed to minimize the environmental effects of our operations and will incorporate functional pollution control equipment.

Recycling and Waste Disposal

We will support recycling programs where practical and will use environmentally safe treatment and disposal practices for waste that is not eliminated at the source or recycled.


We will manage existing facilities so that we meet or exceed legal requirements. We will implement programs and procedures to satisfy compliance. We will conduct compliance audits and monitor procedures and practices to evaluate our performance.


We will inform our workers of our progress in environmental issues. We will cooperate with the authorities and regulatory agencies in responding to inquiries. We will encourage our workers to report to the company conditions that they reasonably believe could be harmful to the environment or pose health or safety hazards so we can initiate prompt corrective actions.


Management will consider the environmental and cultural implications of its decisions.


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